Other Announcements

Other Announcements and Notices

Delisting from the London Stock Exchange

Riverview 90%, extension of offer and cancellation of listing

Offer Acceptances and Offer Extension

Riverview Letter – Narborough’s Offer Acceptances & Offer Extension

Narborough - Offer Acceptances and Offer Extension

Offer document

Form of acceptance

Posting announcement

Cattaneo consent letter

EGR consent letter

Memorandum and articles (Narborough)

Memorandum and articles (Riverview)

Circular resolution of Sungei Ream relating to the loan

Circular resolution of Riverview relating to the loan

Notice of Preference Dividends

2nd Interim Dividend 2014

Change of Company Secretary

Results of 104th Annual General Meeting

Directorate Change At 104th AGM held on 20.06.14

Notice of Interim Dividend 2014

Notice of Directorate Change
Appointment of Joint Secretary
Results of General Meeting 2013
Notice of 2nd Interim Dividend 2013
Notice of General Meeting - Change Of Auditors
Notice of Interim Dividend 2013
Change to Board Committees
Notice of 2nd Interim and 1st Special Dividend 2012
Results of 102nd Annual General Meeting
Notice of Interim Dividend 2012
Notice of 2nd Interim and 1st Special Dividend 2011
Further Clarification of Notice Interim Dividend 2011
Notice of Interim Dividend 2011

Change in Boardroom

Notice of Single Tier 2nd Interim Dividend and Special Centenary Dividend

Notice of Change in Boardroom

Results of General Meeting to Approve and Adopt New Articles of Association

Notice of General Meeting - Approval of New Articles

Notice of Interim Dividend 2010

Notice of Second Interim Dividend 2009

Change of Address of London Registrar and Registered Office

Notice of Interim Dividend 2009



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